GreatAmerican Insurance Group - Insuring Shipment of Cargo

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My father-in-law had a big beautiful rocking horse custom hand-made for my daughter.When it arrived, we signed that we received the package and opened the box to find that the runner on the horse was snapped in half.

My father-in-law took advantage of the shipping insurance he had paid for, since the shipping company doesn't claim liability for damaged goods. We were hoping that the insurance would cover the $300 in repairs. Especially considering it cost $500 to ship and insure the *** thing from Texas to Virginia. But no, they said that breakage isn't included in their insurance.

Then let me ask this GreatAmerican, what on earth DO YOU COVER! Alien abductions during shipment?! I would never ship with the company my father-in-law used again---some shop in Rockport Texas.

Or purchased ANYTHING from GreatAmerican Insurance Group.

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